Cyber Training Bundles

Cyber Training Bundles

Entry Cyber Bundle – Courses Included: CompTIA A+ | Network+ | Security+ | Cyber Security Awareness & Prevention

Are you interested in entering the field of cyber security? With experts predicting there will be over 1.5 million open Cyber Security positions by 2020 alone, now is the time to take the next step. Whether you are a recent graduate or are looking to transition to the IT field, our Entry Cyber Training Bundle will ensure you have the fundamental skills and knowledge to work in Cyber Security. CompTIA A+ will give you a strong understanding of computer hardware and trouble shooting. CompTIA Network+ training will teach you how computers are networked and how that communication is managed. The final course in this bundle is CompTIA Security+, students will learn how to identify gaps in security within a variety of computer and network configurations. This training will also prepare you for the CompTIA A+, Network+, and Security+ certification exams.

Practitioner Cyber Bundle – Courses Included: Network+ | Security+ | CASP | CEH | Cyber Security Awareness & Prevention

Are you already employed in the Information Technology field? Would you like to transition into the fastest growing sector in IT, Cyber Security? The Practitioner Cyber Bundle is perfect for you, it is designed to validate your current knowledge and give you the concepts and skills to secure a position in Cyber Security. You already have the knowledge, validate it with certifications. Show employers your networking expertise with CompTIA’s Network+ training. Reinforce your understanding of computer networks and how they are managed with CompTIA’s Security+ training. The final course in the Practitioner Cyber Bundle is designed to take your Cyber Security knowledge to the next level. CASP is designed to give students the knowledge and capability to provide the best cybersecurity solutions for organizations. It shows that you are an experienced IT professional prepared to handle the constantly evolving attacks organizations face each day. This training will also prepare you for the Network+, Security+, and CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner certification exams.
The Practitioner Cyber Bundle also comes with a bonus Certified Ethical Hacker course for individuals looking for a challenge or those looking to continue advancing in the cyber security field. This course will teach you how to conduct penetration tests and create solutions for vulnerabilities discovered in a network.

Auditor Cyber Bundle – Courses Included: CEH | CHFI | CISM | PMP | Cyber Security Awareness & Prevention

Are you the hands on type, always curious about how things work and ready to face a new challenge? The Auditor Cyber Bundle will give you all the knowledge and skills needed to handle a career as a Cyber Security Auditor. CISA training is designed to train students how to validate implemented security measures and protocols, and create solutions for identified vulnerabilities. EC Council’s Certified Ethical Hacker course will give you the concepts and expertise for conducting penetration tests on organizational infrastructures. CHFI training will prepare you to play a critical role in the incident handling process, such as: collecting evidence, recovering data, and creating detailed investigation reports. PMP training will give students the organizational and management concepts and skills to perform audits on larger enterprises. This training will also prepare you for the Certified Ethical Hacker, Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator, Certified Information Security Auditor, and Project Management Professional certification exams.

Manager Cyber Bundle – Courses Included: CISM | CISSP | PMP | Cyber Security Awareness & Prevention

Every organization needs a liaison from the IT department to the C-Level executives. The Manager Cyber Bundle is designed to unite the technical aspects of Cyber Security and the planning and implementation of management. This role is crucial as this is where the majority of communication failures occur, resulting in breaches. This bundle focuses on identifying assets that are critical to business operations, this assessment is what cyber security plans are built off of. Effective business strategy requires a balance between business operations and security, CISM training teaches students how to merge security objectives with business goals. CISSP training gives students a more in-depth look at the technical aspects of cyber security, such as software development. Implementing security across a large enterprise requires a large amount of man power and resources. PMP training will give you the tools required to effectively manage these resources and meet critical time lines. This training will also prepare you for the Certified Information Security Manager, Certified Information Systems Security Professional and Project Management Professional certification exams.