DOD 8570 Certification

DOD 8570 Certification

DOD 8570 is the US military regulation that requires formal training in security for all IT jobs. The US Department of Defense is now requiring full compliance across all units with the December 31, 2010 DOD 8570 certification deadline. The deadline is not the only challenge to be met. Rigid deadline notwithstanding, the DOD has maintained its exacting standards for staff training across all functions and levels of Information Assurance (IA): training providers must still be ANSI certified.

The DOD 8570 book requires certain off-the-shelf and specialized training milestones for all job levels across four functions: IAT, IAM, CND and IASAE staff. They DOD requires all new IA hires to be trained and certified within six months and requires all combat personnel to be certified before deployment.  Primary training courses are designed to ensure all IA personnel “speak the same language” where cyberspace threats, issue prevention, IT security and threat containment are concerned.

As this deadline approaches, trainers for DOD directive 8570 that demonstrate a great track record of educating US military IT personnel will be highly sought after. On the other hand, we will see intensified marketing efforts from many of these training vendors as they seek to maximize their take of the defense department’s Q4 budget.  How will decision makers choose their training providers?

At the end of the day, the choice will be contextually determined.  For instance, civilians and contractors may find pricing to be the primary decision factor, because they tend to self-fund this essential training. Hence, in these cases, choices will probably be made based on DOD 8570 pricing.

If groups of incumbent personnel are to be trained, considerations beyond price will affect decisions. In these cases, commanding officers may recommend certain preferred providers based on existing procurement decisions and past successes with these providers.  

The upcoming deadline for DD 8570 certification represents an aggressive organizational goal for the US military. Whether or not certain units achieve this goal will in certain cases make or break military careers.  Success in the area of this well-funded, highly-publicized, high priority DOD directive will certainly prove to be a salient performance evaluation criterion during officer promotion discussions in an organization known for its up-or-out style of talent management.  With combat operations in Iraq drawing to a close, it is safe to expect officer evaluations to focus squarely upon their support for and implementation of proactive, defensive organizational goals like DOD 8570.

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