Door Security

Door Security

Over the past few years, the cases of unauthorized entry or forced entry have increased substantially, which has forced individuals and business to design automated doors security systems. These door security systems are meant for protecting shops, homes, offices and building to prevent trespassing and reducing the chance of robbery.

The modern door security systems are developed in such a manner that they can be installed on various types of doors such as plastic, glass, wood, metal and fiberglass doors. For every requirement and type of door, different specifications are available to perfectly match the security requirement of any building. For home security systems, a password enabled electronic door locking device may be used. Whereas, for a large corporate house, there will be a high-end door security system with a combination of intruder sensor alarm and CCTV cameras to provide advance security.

For government offices, research and laboratory entry, military and defense organizations, advanced and hi-tech security systems are utilized to secure the door entry. There are several high-end identification matrix built to avoid any mishap or event to occur. It also depends on the security need of the organization and department. Some organizations may use biometrics solutions, like fingerprint identifications, eyeball identifications, etc. These high end solutions have their own data centers where all the data are saved, entry, exit, mismatches, etc. There are digital prints available for each user, helping the security agency take care of the safety and authorization of individual. Now there are latest door security systems available which uses alarms to alert the control room on any unauthorized access. Biometric cards are also widely used for providing authorization.

With the technology advancements, various other means of surveillance are available to secure safety for your building. One of such technologies is the laser technology, which is used in door security systems, wherein an invisible laser beam surrounds the door. Any intruder or trespasser or anything gets in between the way of these laser beams, the beam interrupts and the security alarm gets activated. Now, motion-sensors as well available in market, they trace the movements in and around the door and identify the exactly locate the intruders movement.

The door security facility has allowed homes as well as commercial offices to protect property and lives residing therein. The door security systems are a one-time capital cost to the owner, but they provide best protection against all odds.

This is a system which protects or alerts you at the doorstep.

There is nothing more comforting than a home or business which has Door Security and cctv security equipment in place for safety.

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