Fantastic Careers in Catering

Fantastic Careers in Catering

Catering careers are a dynamic and growing industry that can either offer financial security throughout your life time or be some extra money for your bank account. Whether it be a wedding, graduation, bar mitzvah, anniversary, kids birthday party or office meeting the need for a qualified and experienced caterer will never end. So what does it take to enter into this exciting and growing field?

There are many things you can do to prepare for the exciting and fun catering services industry. It is important to have a sense of creativity with food and some experience making many types of dishes from a recipe. Can you create unique meals that use your individuality and intuition? Do you understand the basics of foreign cuisines and sweet pastries and cakes? All of this will help you compete and perform in the wonderful world of catering. If you do not have as much experience as you’d like you can enter into a catering school to either learn new or build on your already proficient skills. If you wanted to open and run your own business it would be a benefit if you had some business savvy and management experience. This type of venture is not only about making tasty food but handling small and large accounts, paying staff, renting a kitchen space, being organized and paying for equipment. Another important aspect to have is great social skills and the ability to communicate with a wide range of personalities. This is good whether you are just serving the food and being presented as the image of the company, or being the owner and setting up accounts with individual customers. If all of this is sounding daunting don’t worry, there are many schools available that can help you learn and prepare for this fun profession.

Depending on what area of catering services you want to be involved in there is a different program to attend. If you are just interested in becoming a caterer and not running your own company, then the culinary program is right for you. If you have dreams of owning your own business then enrol in culinary or restaurant management as well. There are programs offered in every state in the U.S. and even some online colleges. Most often they are a separate division within a culinary arts institute that offer the degree. The courses you can expect to take include techniques, nutrition, pastries, catering services, speed, teamwork, hot and cold foods, theory, palate training and even chemistry. By the time you graduate you will have learned the needed skills to be successful in this amazing industry. The next step after obtaining your degree is getting a job and finding clients. The great thing about this is the huge market of available clients needing an event catered. Whether it be a small event like a finger food birthday party or a huge wedding with over one hundred guests, you will be prepared to give them exactly what they are looking.

Chris Tan writes for Finger Food Catering Sydney, a leading cold finger food and spit roast caterer in Sydney.

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