Firewalls safely shielding cyber security

Firewalls safely shielding cyber security

The internet has been tightly embraced by many people today. Majority of work and activities are computer based, with all advanced technology connecting to the World Wide Web and possibly bringing network security close to risk. There are several threats that can bring threat to the computers of many, some more serious than others. Among the risky threats include viruses erasing the entire system, intruders breaking into the system and changing files, hackers that make use of the computer to attack others, or theft of credit card information and then unauthorized purchases.


Importance of firewall in network security


Cyber security includes protection of information by preventing, detecting, and responding to attacks. When anyone or anything can have control over system at any time, then it is more susceptible to being attacked. Unauthorized access to your computer and information can be prevented with firewall security.  

Firewalls combat outside attackers by protecting your computer or network from malicious or irrelevant Internet traffic. These can be configured to ban data from certain locations while giving way to the relevant and necessary data. It is vital for the ones who bank on connections, whether cable or DSL modems.


Hardware (external) and software (internal) – are the two forms of firewall security.


Hardware – these are also known as network firewalls and placed between the computer or network and the cable or DSL modem. Routers offered by many vendors and some Internet service providers (ISPs), incorporates firewall features. This form of firewall is desired for shielding multiple computers but along with it, is excellent protection to a single computer. If there is single system behind the firewall, or you are sure that other systems lined on the network are up to date on patches and protected from viruses, worms, or other malicious code, then there is no need of extra protection of a software firewall.


Software – No matter if an operating system includes a built-in firewall; you should always consider adding another layer of shield. If there is no built–in firewall, you can obtain it from a cyber Security Company. There can be risks of downloading software from the Internet onto an unprotected computer. In case you are downloading to your computer, then ensure the website is reputable and secure.


Besides, users should employ good habits, when it comes to network security. It will dramatically bring down the possibility that information on a computer can be corrupted.

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