Go Trendy, Go Smart: Own a Keyless Entry System

Go Trendy, Go Smart: Own a Keyless Entry System

Embedded with many innovative features, Keyless Entry Systems are small yet effective devices to provide security to your car. At the same time, they drop style too. Any wonder then that they have become a fashion trend?

Losing the keys of the car can be pretty annoying. For usually, you keep your car key bunched up with other keys of your office and residence. Switching over to keyless remote would take care of the dilemma. Based on modern digitalized technology, they are trendy, compact and easy to carry. It is based on two-way communication devices and has a remote unit that acts as a controller and a base unit, which is fitted on a vehicle.

Highly stylish in appearance, these systems have push buttons to perform various tasks. Equipped with micro-controllers, these gadgets are designed to remotely permit or deny access to the car. It comes with different alarm systems with varied features, and prices may differ accordingly.

These systems were first featured in the United States in 1983 when some automobile manufacturers including the Renault Alliance used them in some of their variants. Now they come up as an in-built feature with many car brands.

The earlier keyless entry systems were powered with a battery and work on scrambled radio frequencies and include both a remote keyless entry system (RKE) and a remote keyless ignition system (RKI). They emit a radio frequency with a designated identity code. The coding of these devices is done by automobile dealers. They work on push button technology i.e.the car doors automatically get locked and unlocked by merely pressing the button.

Latest keyless entry systems are based on code-based technology and contain a 40-digit code in its controlling and receiving device.The code varies in different remotes, thus ensuring more security. It is provided with two or more push buttons and every button has its own task. It also allows user to sound a panic alarm in case of emergency. Some systems also come with chip technology. A plastic chip having unique identity is present in the remote.

A keyless system increases the security aspect of the vehicle by several folds. Since they are based on chip-based technology and every chip is unique and it is almost impossible to copy it, thus it is a win-win situation for the owner. This is a feature which makes it almost impossible for thieves to escape with your car when you are busy with your business meetings or family. Reports suggest that there have been a great decline in car-theft cases after the invention of these devices.

Nowadays the market is full of latest keyless entry systems for different car makes and models. These systems are provided with various other features like the indicator for fuel, mileage and temperature. Moreover, the user can even adjust their seat and mirror positions by using this. You can even purchase them online.

If you have lost the transponder key, then you need not to worry. Just go to the dealer and get a replacement key.

Thus getting a Keyless Entry System is the modern way to prevent car theft. It gives peace of mind and a feeling that the car is safe and secure.

The article is penned by an expert on automotive keyless remotes and transponder keys working with Fob Keyless, a leading supplier of Keyless Entry Remote, for major car brands.

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