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Churchill Club Top 10 Tech Tech Trends Debate 2013 — I chose Deep Learning / Machine Learning
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Image by jurvetson
We debated the top 10 tech trends last night. Each of us came up with two that were meant to be non-obvious and potentially explosively important over the next five years (this is really hard, and a bit stressful, as I have learned trying to come up with two ones each year).

After each of us defends our trend, the VC panelist hold up a paddle, either green for agreement or red for disagreement, and hash it out. Then the audience votes by phone. Trends and results and more photos below.

It was a great group this year with fun repartee. You can read the recap by Forbes or watch a video of the whole event (I revisit my 2012 predictions at minute 4:43, present trend 3 on machine learning at 29:15 and trend 8 on the rich-poor gap at 1:20:14).

Here are the trends, with the audience vote in brackets. The panelists split two red and two green on every trend except the last one.

1. EyePhones Replace iPhones [David Cowan, 60% disagree]
"Terminator Vision" enables new classes of applications that drive mobile computers closer to our cognitive pathways. Eyewear computers log our lives for robust searching, sharing and diagnostics.

2. The "Right Now" Economy [Venky Ganesan, 54% disagree]
Proliferation of an ubiquitous user device ("mobile"), presence of consumer web services ("cloud"), and emergence of significant analytic abilities ("big data") moves today’s consumers from a "plan ahead" economy to a "Right Now" economy.

3. Deus Ex Machina: Machine Learning Innervates the Tech Frontier [Steve Jurvetson, 75% agree]
Machine learning is the technology under the covers that powers many of the exciting new products that leverage big data to appear nearly magical. Imagine a Google Research approach to everything.

4 .The Individual Revolution [Alfred Lin, 66% disagree on obviousness]
Technology has given us indispensable tools to unlock our personal and professional potential, and enabled all of us to become global entrepreneurs. Welcome to the individual revolution.

5. US is the Supreme Cyber Security Force in the World and its Primary Force [George Zachary, 63% agree]
Horrific, unchecked physical terrorist incidents drive fear; citizens accept complete observation by the functions of a police state. A devastating electronic attack results in govt. militarization of major gateways and backbones of the Internet.

6. Cyber Warfare Becomes a Good Thing [David Cowan, 56% agree]
Cyber missions are instant, effective, relatively free, and non-lethal. Advantaged technologically, America starts dismantling conventional military forces, replacing them with cyber capabilities, completely disrupting the Defense Industry.

7. Certifications, Not Diplomas [Venky Ganesan, 50/50 split]
The emergence of MOOCs and other lifelong learning educational sites e.g., Coursera, Udacity, etc. on the Internet means that the future is defined less by where you went to school but more by what you know. The educational world becomes flat.

8. Erasing the Digital Divide Ironically Accelerates the Rich-Poor Gap [Steve Jurvetson, 70% agree]
Technology democratizes upward mobility and raises the bottom of the pyramid but stretches it into a conical spike—where an ever-shrinking percentage of people control the info economy embedded with winner-take-all network effects and power laws.

9. Personalized Medicine [Alfred Lin, 56% agree]
The ability to cheaply sequence genomes and analyze big data affects every aspect of medicine as we know it, from the treatment of cancer, to drug selection, to the engineering of food.

10. Wearable Computing is the Watch, Not the Glass [George Zachary, 59% disagree as well as the four panelists.]
The watch supplants the phone as primary display & interaction interface of the phone. Initially, it is focused on communications, messaging, social networks. The Swatch of the future is a S/W programmable watch. Health functions added over time.

(top photo by Ed Jay)

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