Lean Maintenance Operations with HMI/SCADA Integrated Asset Management

Lean Maintenance Operations with HMI/SCADA Integrated Asset Management


Numerous factors, all aligned and intelligently managed, are critical components in successful business operations. This list includes – machinery, facilities, raw materials, logistics, technology, people, purpose, marketing, and many others.

In the case of industrial or physical plant operations, regardless of industry, success means the deployment and optimization of machinery, facilities, and equipment. The intelligent maintenance and management of these assets is key to ensuring the smooth running of all inter-related departments and divisions of a plant, and meeting deadlines and production level targets set by the business.

Manufacturers and Industrial plant managers are realizing the worth of an asset management system to ensure the longevity and timely repair of assets and to be prepared for any unforeseen incidents as production machinery, or other tools, develop technical snags over time. In addition to ensuring regular and pro-active maintenance of assets, asset management also includes planning and building financial reserves for future repairs and replacements of assets. 

Why Lean Maintenance?

“Lean” is a concept that has been applied to manufacturing operations to reduce costs, improve the quality of production and eliminate inefficiencies in the operation of the business. In the realm of Asset Management, lean means the elimination of inefficiencies in the maintenance management process and in contributing to optimal asset utilization and uptime. In industrial plant operations, failure of any operational unit means interlinked or dependent units will be affected negatively as well.


HMI Integrated Asset Management

Integrated asset and maintenance management software provides automated and streamlined solutions for efficient handling of your organization’s assets. Step one involves the identification and definition of where assets are and how they fit into the organizational or plant factory hierarchy. At minimum, bar-coded and/or RFID asset tags are used for identifying and tracking the location, grouping, and inventorying of assets throughout facilities and on shop floors. In addition, EAM or CMMS applications that integrate with HMI/DCS solutions can also synchronize with the plant floor operating model by automatically creating assets and their associated hierarchies each time a new piece of equipment is created in the factory automation system.

Once assets are identified and visible, step two becomes the utilization optimization of these assets. Asset management software that seamlessly integrates with HMI/SCADA systems provides you complete control by implementing equipment usage based preventive maintenance solutions. Not only can preventive maintenance software create triggers for work orders based on flexible calendars and dates, the software provided the ability to trigger PM’s based on actual machine utilization. The software provides customized analysis and reporting on work schedules, asset values, usages, repairs, work order maintenance history and asset productivity. It provides excellent asset tracking functionalities, (allowing you to synchronize the HMI or DCS) hierarchical asset tracking and asset classification within the asset management system.

Enterprise asset management software provides automated and flexible solutions to maintain your assets in perfect working condition. Employing asset management software can ensure consistent levels of quality and production and save you from unnecessary costs and downtime

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