Misunderstanding Indicators of Compromise

Misunderstanding Indicators of Compromise
Some in the computer security industry call APT activities “attacks,” framing them in a way intended to elicit support for calls for a right of self-defense (using the highly charged and loosely defined term active defense). The more appropriate term …
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How to Protect from Ransomware: Summarizing the Best Practices
These darknet services harness vulnerabilities on targeted computers that stem from unpatched software, mostly Adobe Flash Player and Java. Some software … When it comes to security, EXEs in the email don't evoke good associations, to put it mildly.
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FDIC waited months to report major October data breach
The exfiltration was discovered on Oct. 23 and referred to FDIC's Computer Security Incident Response Team and later the Data Breach Management Team, which investigated the incident further, according to the IG report. DBMT classified the incident as a …
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