Cybersecurity 2 Day

The Two-day course taught by certified Security Specialists and upper level academic instructors will cover:

1a. National Law, Policy, Doctrine, and Guidance

1b. DOD/USN Organizational Doctrine and Oversight instructions and procedures

2. The DON specific Cyber Security Program and governing/assisting organizations.

3. The History and Development of Cyber Security Policies, Doctrine, Security Life Cycle Design, and Risk management.

4. The Cyber Security interrelationship of the Systems’ components, software, configuration, networking and the Security Life Cycle Plan’s dependency.

5a. The Hierarchy of the Cyber Security Implementation programs – What is Mandatory, Critical, and Important, and the phases of the implementation of Cyber Defense.

5b. Cyber Security phases covering Organization, Processes, Personnel

6. and 7. The Risk Management Framework for DOD IT

8. Cyber Security Implementation and Authorization Process

9. Cyber Security Readiness and the Cyber Security Inspection and Certification Program

10. Cyber Security Planning through the basics of Resiliency, Foundations, Maintenance, Applied Measures, and program actualization/compliance.

11. Cyber Security Resiliency

12a. Cyber Security Foundational Defense – Software

12b. Cyber Security Foundational Defense – Hardware

13a. Cyber Security Operations and Maintenance

13b. Applied Cyber Security (IA/CND)

14. Cyber Actualization and Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation

15 & 16. Scenario Driven Student IA Application Project