Cybersecurity Implementation for Executives and Managers

SUMMARY: Review and improve Management Level awareness of Public Law, Policies, Regulations, and Guidance for the implementation and maintenance of Cyber Security posture and compliance with National, Federal, Department of Defense, and U.S. Navy directives in the Networked System of Systems (Family of Systems) and the Cloud Computing Environment.


  1. History and Organizational Oversight
  2. Current Policies and Regulations, Security Life Cycle Development components
  3. Overview of National Cyber Security elements
  4. Primary Doctrine and Procedure Publications
  5. Department of Defense IT/IA Policy
  6. Risk Management Framework
  7. Systems of Systems approach – CND, JIE, CCRI, Cyber Security Organization
  8. Cloud Computing Security
  9. Data Protection

Agenda for day event.

0800-0900       Registration, Handouts, Coffee, Introductions

0900-0930       History and Organizational Oversight

0930-1000       Current Policies and Regulations, Acquisition Process

1000-1030       Overview of National Cyber Security Elements and Resources

1030-1045       Break/Discussions

1045-1115       Primary Doctrine and Procedures

1115-1145       DOD IT/IA Policy

1145-1245       Lunch w/Guest Speaker on Budgetary and Support Aspects of Cyber Security

1245-1315       Risk Management Framework and Security Life Cycle Maintenance

1315-1345       System of Systems Impact and Implementation –  e.g. GCCS, MTC2, JIE, FIRES

1345-1400       Break/Discussions

1400-1430       Cyber Readiness Inspection Programs, Cyber Security Inspection and Compliance

1430-1500       Data Protection

1530-1600       Question/Answers, Submission of Written Questions