MMSCYBER001: Advanced Computer Forensics (3 Days)


As cybercrime continues to be a huge threat in modern technology, it is extremely important to be versatile and responsive if threats occur around your cyber environment. This Advanced Forensics course is designed to cover the 360 lifecycle process of how to manage and identify breaches, collect evidence and manage threats.

This accelerated program should be taken by users who are interested in the Computer Forensics industry and want to expand their knowledge on complex technical methodologies and IT law. This training course will cover both Windows and Linux operating systems. And will specify a wide variety of topics that cover securing communications with encryption and cryptography, different types of forensics, understanding the fundamentals of data structures, processes in memory, networking and operating systems services, plus more.

With an eye to law enforcement and first responders, this course will cover capturing and extracting data correctly, and making sense of what happened and who was responsible. Students will understand how to correctly collect evidence and present their findings. Participants will master the strategies and procedures needed to efficiently resist any forms of threat.

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Manage a breach and recognize the legalities behind it
  • Understand anti-forensics using Cryptography
  • Acquire the Fundamentals of Memory Forensics
  • Examine Windows Services
  • Collect Evidence
  • Hunt Malware in Process Memory
  • Analyze Windows Process Management