MMSCYBER002: Advanced Cyber Security (3 Days)


This course is designed for professionals who want to take the next step in the cyber security industry. Before starting this course students must have the prior knowledge of systems architecture, networking, and basic command line operations. Hands-on experience in Network Penetration testing will be provided including preparing for a test, preforming scans, and interpreting the results.

We will be evaluating different techniques for cyber security improvement and the break-down process of high profile breaches. Participants will be introduced to the security lifecycle and be equipped with the knowledge of today’s security challenges and how to protect against them.

This is an advanced course to give a more in-depth framework in cyber security.  This will provide not only principles but practical labs in prevention, detection and appropriate measures to respond to threats (intrusions, spying, and malware). Advanced Cyber Security will cover the important factors of cyber forensics, and vulnerability analysis.

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Implement prevent, detect, and respond plans
  • Maintain constant cyber security improvement
  • Use network traffic monitoring tools
  • Perform a penetration test and vulnerability analysis
  • Recognize cyber attacks
  • Understand the process of forensics
  • Security Lifecycle