MMSCYBER006: Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Analysis (3 Days)


This course is designed for Penetration testers or Ethical hackers who are looking to expand their knowledge in exploitation and hacking techniques, as well as network penetration. Before you begin this course, you should have a familiarization with Windows and/or Unix/Linux operating systems, along with basic understanding of TCP/IP and networking. Network Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Analysis is designed to conduct a full, real-world cyber lab-environment that will challenge students with integrated lab exercises and sessions to fully utilize the concepts of penetration testing.

Students will learn various types of vulnerability analysis, and policy scanning. This course will utilize many different demonstrations to model real world attacks and learn how to protect against them. Participants will use the latest tools and methods in detailed reconnaissance and information gathering. This course is specified in targeting the latest exploitation techniques and methodologies. As well as the post-exploitation side of ethical hacking.

The main goal of this course is to help you master the knowledge and analytical skills needed that can be used in a real ethical penetration test or hacking situation. Participants will implement password cracking, vulnerability scanning, and creating malware using the latest tools and techniques that are available today.

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Perform Passive and Active Reconnaissance
  • Process of Local Information Gathering
  • Importance of Vulnerability Analysis
  • Exploitation and hacking techniques
  • Post exploitation techniques