MMSCYBER008: Security Planning For the Enterprise (2 Days)


Security is no longer a job for one department, rather it is a job for every employee; it has become paramount to the continued success of an organization. Everyday attacks are becoming more sophisticated and attackers are discovering new methods to breach an organization’s defenses. The problem most organizations face is that security starts at the bottom and tries to work its way to the top level; time and time again this strategy has proven to be unsuccessful. Adapting a top-down approach will allow those in charge make sound business decisions with consideration to enterprise security. Organization’s that practice this top-down approach make it simple for employees to assimilate into a business philosophy that prioritizes security.

While having strong security is desirable, it will do you no good if it impedes the productivity of your business. The ideal security strategy will not only keep critical information secure, it will ensure the day-to-day production of your business. This course is designed to teach students how to integrate business functions along with a detailed security plan into one comprehensive strategy. Students will learn topics such as:

-Network Monitoring

-Securing User Applications

-Malware Defense

-Networks Boundary Defense

-Data Protection

-Network Access Control