MMSCYBER010 MMS Cyber: Critical Infrastructure Information Security (5 days)


A five-day Instructor Led Classroom Training, with hands-on laboratory exercises, to improve the cybersecurity of the Critical Infrastructure. The training is designed for, and available to, Information Technology (IT) security, with an emphasis on personnel in industries and agencies providing support to any of the five lifeline critical infrastructure sectors. Lifeline critical infrastructure sectors represent infrastructure assets which can be categorized as supporting energy (i.e. oil, natural gas, electricity) transportation (rail, aviation, highway, public transit, marine), communications (including supporting information technology, water (both potable and wastewater), and emergency services.

1.0       Course introduction

2.0       Introduction to Networks

3.0       Network Security Devices

4.0       Network Traffic and Analysis

5.0       Internet / Web Security

6.0       Secure Communication

7.0       Viruses

8.0       Operating System (OS) Security

9.0       Password Management and strength

10.0     Wireless Security

11.0     Compliance and documentation

12.0     Prevent, detect and respond

13.0     Continuous Cyber Security Improvement

14.0     Network Traffic Monitoring

15.0     Cyber Attack Indicators

16.0     Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Analysis

17.0     Forensics

18.0     Industrial Control Systems