Mobile Device Security & Ethical Hacking

Every employee today has a mobile phone. These phones house personal information, banking/financial information, and contact information which are all valuable to hackers. All it takes is one poorly designed application and an otherwise secure device’s data can become compromised.

This three-day instructor-led course will provide students the skills needed to understand the security strengths and weaknesses in mobile devices and analyze application traffic, file system storage, and inter-app communication. This includes a full breakdown of Android and iOS operating systems and their integrated security controls.

What Will Students Learn?
✓ Understand mobile security strengths and weaknesses
✓ Evaluate security weaknesses of applications
✓ Identify deficiencies in file system & application traffic
✓ Analyze inter-application communication channels

What Topics are Covered?
✓ iOS system architecture & secure enclave
✓ Android system architecture & security mechanisms
✓ Application analysis
✓ Reverse engineering applications
✓ Wireless Security Model

What’s Included?
✓ Instruction by a certified expert
✓ Small, interactive classes
✓ Specialized manual and course materials
✓ Personalized certificate of completion