Security for the Remote Workplace

More than ever, people are using mobile devices to work anywhere, anytime. There are big benefits to today’s virtual workplace, but there can be big challenges, too. This one-day course will teach employees how to secure their mobile devices in the virtual workplace with an emphasis on the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) top 10 mobile security risks.

After taking this course, employees will provide security to your organization by decreasing the attack surface.

What Will Students Learn?
✓ Connect to the company securely
✓ Identify mobile threats
✓ Manage and maintain secure home Wi-Fi
✓ Prevent data leakage

What Topics are Covered?
✓ Best practices for Mobile Security
✓ OWASP Top 10 Mobile Device Security Risks
✓ Official vs unofficial application stores
✓ Malicious applications
✓ Wireless Authentication Protocols

What’s Included?
✓ Instruction by a certified expert
✓ Small, interactive classes
✓ Specialized manual and course materials
✓ Personalized certificate of completion